Antique Home: Surreal Home built from various Antiques

Antique Home: Surreal Home built from various Antiques

Antique Home: Surreal Home built from various Antiques

For husband and wife, Brian and Amy Kleinwachter, along with their two children, the only had one target when they moved into a home in a small town sandwiched between Houston and Austin.

The Kleinwachter’s had their little begins in an antique show and antiques are now part of their lives as they run an antique business together called the Old World Antieks. Their love for Antiques prompted them to turn their home into a vintage abode. Brian Kleinwachter puts it, "The target is to utilize 100-percent reclaimed items and materials apart from some woodwork and electrical insulation on our home."

The outcome of their endeavor which comes at a listing price of 1.29 million dollars is a surreal four-bedroom home, crafted and designed with parts of old Victorian houses and Texan barns, along with other architectural details obtained from India as well as France. There is a swing hanging from the living room ceiling and a rather appealing 19th-century church steeple at the summit of the building. At the back of the house is three-grain silos now serving as guest homes and an old truck is now refurbished into a chicken coop. Buyers ought to know that the Kleinwachter’s intend to use the sell home as is condition in this home.

Humor is certainly not lacking with the Kleinwachter’s, and they expressed themselves as much as possible across the Antique home. There is a sign that reads "Ghost Barn" place at the back of the building just behind the coop. Also, at the son's room reads an old church plaque "Confessions 5:00 to 7:00 daily."

The home is located at LA Grange. It comes with a tree house and a rather appealing swimming pool. "There is a real talent on display year in bringing all these pieces together and making every one of them blend in. It doesn't just look like a bunch of junk strung together, this is real art," said Renee Diehl, a real estate agent. "This is a great and wonderful job the Kleinwachter’s have done."

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