How the Process works

Meeting & Assessment

The consultation is where we get to know you and assess the home. You share the reasons you need to sell, how much money you need to move on, and other factors which led to the decision to sell. We share your options, learn your needs, how quickly you need this to occur, and determine how much we can offer. We check into encumbrances, legal liens and damage to the home, etc. We buy homes in all conditions. This process includes the speed of the sales process and the amount we can offer.

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Offer & Acceptance (or rejection)

Once we’ve assessed the home, we will make a bona fide offer. This will not only be based on the home’s condition, but its location, the fair market value, and other factors as well. There is no obligation to accept our offer. You determine whether or not the offer is something which you feel is fair, or you can come back to us and see if we are open to negotiating on the offer terms with you. There is no harm in negotiating, and we are willing to listen to your arguments. We encourage you to take your time and look at all factors prior to accepting or declining our offer.

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Close on the Offer

Once accepted, it is time to close on the home’s sale. We arrange to have the cash payment made to you. We will pay the agreed upon price, and take over ownership of the home. No hidden fees or hidden paperwork we didn’t inform you about early on in the process. The process is quick and simple. There is no hidden agenda on our behalf. Give us a call or fill out this form if you are ready to get started to get your home sold.

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