Tamra Judge, star of RHOC may not like the outcome of her upcoming home sale

Tamra Judge, star of RHOC may not like the outcome of her upcoming home sale

Tamra Judge, star of RHOC may not like the outcome of her upcoming home sale

Tamra Judge, the star of the hit show "Real Housewives of Orange County," may be going through a case of home seller's regret. This comes just after 12 days of putting her home in orange county for sale at a price of $1.8 million. The problem for her right now is that a buyer has already indicated serious interest on the property but at it stands; she is having second thoughts about the whole idea of selling her property.

The sale fiasco started all the way back in December 2017 when Judge and her husband, bought the property for $1.63 million. After full renovations on the house, they finally moved in.

Things took an unexpected turn when months later, the put the house up for sale on the market and with the popularity surrounding the property, it didn't take time to attract a willing buyer. But with Judge's change in her stance, many wonder if the deal will still hold.

Why does Tamara Judge want to sell the house?

The main reason Tamra wants to sell the house is because she thinks it is jinxed. The reason for this is that there has been a lot of weird things that have happened to her family since they entered the house.

Speaking to most wanted, she said " different weird things have been happening since we moved in. First, the moving in period was stressful, then the dog got cancer, after that our guinea pig died all of a sudden, and on the day the pig died I dislocated my foot." it was while they were in the house that her husband had to go through a series of heart surgeries.

From Judge perspective, the house s jinxed with some sort of bad juju and hence the swift resale of the property.

She hit a form of a reality check on Wednesday when she did an Instagram poll on whether she should sell the house.

The results from the poll showed that 91 percent of the responders saying no she shouldn't sell.

As it stands, the status of the home is "Active under contract" which means an offer has been made by a buyer and the deal is almost at a closure. It leaves many guessing If Judge can back out now at such a crucial time.

Lessons to be learned

"It is a normal occurrence to see sellers back out at the middle of a deal" sad Tyler Drew a California real estate developer. "Sellers can get all twitchy and just back out."

Maya Madison who represents Realty agency in Louisiana had this to say "Until the contract has been signed, it is not really over."

"It becomes a problem when sellers want to back out after the deal has gone into contract stage. Buyers can force them into going ahead with the deal. Then it can lead to a serious court issue with grave consequences on the seller. Depending on the court ruling, the seller will have to pay up big time." continued Maya

With this in mind, Judge has to think carefully about backing out of the deal as it might become ugly pretty soon.

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