How OWU is purchasing and selling properties

How OWU is purchasing and selling properties

How OWU is purchasing and selling properties

From part of the 1.5 million dollars acquired from the sale of Austin Manor, the Ohio Wesleyan board of trustees have gone out to acquire two houses close the campus.

One of the houses is located at 46 Hayes St. close to the Haycock all, and Grounds office. The other house is separated by the Smith and Hayes hall parking lots, and it’s at 145 West William St.

The vice president for finance and administration, Lauri Strimkovsky who also acts as the treasurer, said the acquired properties would be utilized in expanding student parking.

According to Strimkovsky part of the left-over funds from the selling of Austin Manor will go into the repairs of the Beeghly Library.

As stated in Delaware County auditor's website, a private investment outlet in Columbus by the name Riverwest, purchased Austin Manor on August 14, 2018. According to Strimkovsky, Riverwest has the right plans to make the necessary improvements to the property and turn it into a rental community.

"The property needs an adequate renovation and brings it to acceptable standards as Rental revenues failed to produce funds for such a target," Strimkovsky said.

The fact that students were no longer utilizing Austin Manor led to the board of trustees selling the property via the recommendation of the University Senior Leadership.

It was in 1923 that Austin Manor was erected as a residence for girls according to President Rock Jones. In an email interview, he said that in the 1980s, the building was later turned into an intergenerational Apartment building.

This falls into the category of properties that Ohio Wesleyan has sold in the past year alone. The Hiram Perkins House, according to the Delaware County auditor website, was sold for $170,000 to James Manos on November 13, 2017.

Strimkovsky claimed the house was sold because it didn't serve any purpose as a student residence and it also needed massive renovations.

The sell house as is condition prevented Manos from carrying out his initial plan that included a parking lot. James Manos mentioned in an email interview that he intends to use the property to build a 43-room hotel. His proposal was being put forward in various Delaware City Council meetings.

aris Norman, one of the juniors at OWU, said: "A hotel will be a good thing about have close to the campus, and it is perfectly ideal for families who may come to see their loved ones from far distances."

Melvin Nicholas, one of the seniors at OWU, said: " A hotel will be a great idea, but I will like some of the historical aspects of the Perkins House to remain still."

Strimkovsky said the university does not intend to sell any set of properties in the near future.

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