Hiring the best real estate agent for your home

Hiring the best real estate agent for your home

Hiring the best real estate agent for your home

Finding the best real estate agent is always a tough task for homeowners. It is still essential to get the services of an agent who matches your specifications and needs. Have these at the back of your mind;

  • Seek out experience, and professionalism
  • Look for an agent in your price specifications and area
  • Make your selection from hybrid, discount and full-service agencies

As a rule of thumb, request for sales presentations from agents before making your selection on who you will hire.

Looking for the best agent

It can be a tough task to pick from over 2 million real estate agents in the country to sell your home. The good news is that Real estate is a localized kind of job what that means is that the professionals you are looking for are in your backyard figuratively. Your neighborhood has lots of real estate agents that you can create a short list from, all you need do is look for open houses and "for sale" signs around the neighborhood.

Listing presentations are important

One thing you want as a seller is your real estate agent (Broker) to make a detailed presentation on the current market conditions, nature of past sales as well as the current characteristics of the market. This presentation is called a listing presentation. The information in the presentation compromises of Comparative Market Analysis otherwise known as CMA


Although you might be tempted to put a low listing price to get a fast sale, it will mean that you don't get the real value of the property. Also, an over the top price may chase potential buyers away. The key is to look at past sales in the neighborhood along with the broker's marketing plan to get the right valuation for your property. This comes in handy especially when you want to sell your property with a sell home as is condition.

Listing agreements

Listing agreements make up for several provisions. The agreements are a list of items not added in the sale. Care should be taken when it comes to listing agreements. If you are not sure about some things, speak to an attorney or seek a second opinion.

Types of brokerage

There are different arrays of brokerage available in the market

Hybrid Brokerages: These are brokers that offer specific services according to the client’s specifications. Discount brokers: Firms that render partial or full services at a pocket-friendly cost Full-service Brokers: These brokers offer the complete service, and they handle the entire transactions from end to end. They post signs, make ads, give sellers advice, carry out negotiations with buyers, and so on. Seller-assistance brokerages: these brokers are there to assist self-sellers with some of their transactions Flat-fee brokerages: These firms provide specific services while the seller handles the rest.

Qualities of a good real estate agent

In searching for an excellent real estate agent look out for the following;

  • Honesty
  • Trustworthiness
  • Professionalism
  • Experience
  • Positive Reputation
  • License
  • Recommendation

Standard Brokerage fee

Fees are negotiable, and there are no particular standards or regulations to follow. Any fee is dependent on the negotiations of the seller and the broker. In some markets, the fee ranges from 1 to 6 percent.

Paying the real estate agent

Payment is made at the completion of the deal when a buyer is ready, willing and able to meet the listing terms of the property.

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