Get ready to live like Rockefeller

Get ready to live like Rockefeller

Get ready to live like Rockefeller

The idea that buyers could live like a Rockefeller made the sale of David Rockefeller estate earlier this year in New York a rather bountiful proposition. Sales were figuratively off the roof and what could have gone for thousands, went for millions.

That sale was handled by Christie's, and now Sotheby’s a rival to Christie's is hoping that the Rockefeller charm still exists as they intend to sell several items comprising of jewelry, furniture, decorations, and art from Nelson and Happy Rockefeller estate from November 13th. Both are late now, with both passing on 1979 and 2015 respectively.

The entire 450-lots have been drawn out into three segments. The first segment will a specific auction comprising of 20th-century memorabilia from the couple's apartment in the fifth avenue. The second segment will have Happy's jewelry which will be included in the "Magnificent Jewels" sale hosted by the auction house on December 4th; and the last segment would comprise of decorative arts and objects as well as the remaining furniture, which will go on sale in January 2019 at the Sotheby’s America Week Auction.

Sotheby’s estimates the total sale to be in the region of more than $8 million. Although many see the estimate to be modest in comparison to the giant strides of Christie's, one vital information that cannot be ignored is that not all Rockefeller sales are the same. In the sale Christie's handled, everything had to be sold whereas the Sotheby’s sale is much smaller in comparison

Buying and selling

Before his death, Nelson Rockefeller had already begun selling out of his belongings and monetizing them in 1978. He sold them at an auction house. The items on sale included properties from the couple's Maine, Washington, and New York residence. From furniture to art collections and other personal items, were all auctioned off.

Although the estate had been streamlined, Happy Rockefeller still lived in comfort until her death in 2015

Past relationship

Sotheby’s and the Nelson Rockefeller family have shared a long history together. It was Sotheby’s that hosted the 1978 auction and they also brokered the Sale of the Maine house along with estate auction after Nelson died.

The vice chairman of Sotheby’s, Nina Del Rio said: "We share a cordial relationship with the estate and in this current sale, the family and trustees have paid keen attention to what should and shouldn't be sold with consultation from us."

With the sale just coming off the back of Christie's Auction, it is simply a coincidence as Del Rio puts it "The timing was determined by the estate. But the November and January dates are so that we can position the arts and paintings along with our contemporary and modern auctions."

According to her, the Rockefeller name will always attract premium buyers "That name is wrapped with history and buyers will want a piece of that."

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