Bungalo, Making It Easier For You

Bungalo, Making It Easier For You

Buying a house is stressful enough as it is, but imagine buying a house and having to renovate and repair it? Sounds like hell on earth. Bungalo, a new startup by Amherst Residential, promises to help you through with that without letting you feel the slightest hint of stress. Basically, the company buys and completely renovates the desired house, therefore, you buy it completely new!

Unlike other realtors, the company prioritize the customers’ wants and needs over the number of dollars given on the transaction. Furthermore, because of that, the company does not sell the house bidder with the highest bid, but to the first bidder instead, who pre-qualified for the list prices. However, sadly enough, the company is only available the cities of – Tampa, Florida, and Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas -, but they promise to expand into other cities soon.

Besides the fact that the company buys and renovates the house to sell it to the first bidder, they also offer their own all-in-one promise, which is composed by their own notary, mortgage and mobile tours services. Therefore, if you desire to escape from the real state world and its focus on dollars, you should give a chance to the Bungalo. Furthermore, as a company that is constantly being mentioned by news sites, the Bungalo is promising to revolutionize home buying as a company that lets the buyer search, tour and finance a home without all the hassle and stress from doing it with a realtor.

Although the company mainly works online, the Bungalo also offers a team of real estate experts to help and support every step for those who desire to have a guidance buying a house. Furthermore, each and every house have been freshly renovated to high-quality standards, with designer finishes and new appliances. Besides that, the locations are carefully chosen so the house is never far-off and, instead, is located in a friendly neighborhood with schools nearby. To prove that the company values the wellbeing of the customer, the Bungalo offers an online platform that allows the buyer to start and finish the entire process of buying a house online. Furthermore, besides the fact that the company already renovates the entire house for you, they also promise to make the dream of owning your own house become reality through a stress-free process with accessible prices and high-quality houses.

The Bungalo is a new company that is already causing a revolution in the home buying process with its proposal of flipping houses. Furthermore, the company offers its own all-in-one promise, which offers to the customer the company’s own mortgage services, real state professionals, mobile tours, and notary. As a company that promises to realize the dream of owning your own house, the Bungalo is constantly being mentioned on news sites as a promising company, and, although it is only available in two cities, the company is growing and becoming influential. Therefore, if you desire to buy a renovated house for an accessible price without the stress of the real state world, you should opt for the Bungalo company, as it will always put your wellbeing first.

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