When to pursue a short sale in Florida

When to pursue a short sale in Florida

When to pursue a short sale in Florida

We can assist you in getting cash for your property, depending on; whether you owe more than the worth of your property, or if you have equity in your property. If it is the latter, we can easily buy your property as quickly as possible so you can prevent a foreclosure sale.

If you owe more than the property is worth, we offer you cash in exchange for the deed to your property, and we will continue to make the mortgage payments. This deal is known as the "Subject-to" deal.

Get CASH for your home and avoid foreclosure

With each passing day, the number of foreclosures is getting higher and higher, and this has made most sellers look for an alternative like short sales to escape foreclosures. Part of our professional expertise in dealing with Short sales. We have a seasoned team of real estate professionals, along with short sale negotiators that understand the procedures of making short sales on behalf of our company which acts as the buyer, and Florida homeowners. It is no hidden secret that homeowners can get as much as $40,000 from the bank should they engage in a short sale. It doesn't matter if the property is already placed in an auction in the coming weeks, we can still be of tremendous assistance to you.

The working principle of a short sale is a straightforward process. The seller asks the mortgage lender to agree with a price that is lower than the fee owed on the property. This agreement sees the lender agree to forget the remainder of the loan balance. What this means is that the seller is saved from foreclosure, and the lender doesn't have to bear the load of selling the property via foreclosure.

Short sales act as an alternative option for people who are afraid that the value of their property is diminishing. Looking at how the economy is very fragile, it can be a bit hard to tell if there will be a rise in the value of properties or the emergence of more favorable mortgage rates. Should the value of a property be lower than the loan owed, a homeowner may decide to go for a short sale rather than a foreclosure. This is advisable and of high benefit most especially when the owner won't be staying in the property for a long time.

Typically, the seller negotiates with the lender on how much the loan balance owe should be reduced. When an agreement is struck by the lender and the seller, then the seller can sell the property for a fee lower than what is owed. This helps to safeguard your credit score most especially in the event of a bankruptcy or foreclosure.

The fee received from a short sale deal is usually utilized to pay up the balance on the loan. Although the entire deal is pretty straightforward, it takes time and having an experienced real estate professional will make the work easy. Working with a professional absolves you off much of the work as they handle the negotiation processes with the bank and other logistics. The great news is that most banks accept the cash they get from a short sale without minding the loss incurred as it offers more than what they will get from selling the property at an auction.

We never compromise on the quality of our work, and we ensure that you gain the following benefits when we handle your short sale for you.

Short Sales in Florida

Based on whether you owe greater than what the worth of your house is or if you have some equity, we can assist you in getting money for your house. In case there is enough equity, our company will help you in avoiding a foreclosure by purchasing your home quickly.

In some situations, where the amount of equity present is less, we can offer cash instead. At the same time, our company will pay a mortgage payment to your bank for you. Moreover, we may also offer cash-in-return to you for the house deed. This sort of a deal is referred to as the ‘subject-to'.

Foreclosure rates are currently hitting a high level. As a result of this, an increasing number of sellers are relying on short sales in order to prevent foreclosures. Short sales happen to be one of the areas in our expertise. Our company employs a number of reliable real estate experts that are specialized in the negotiation of short sales for the homeowners in Florida.

It is quite common for homeowners to receive as much as $40,00 through short sales from bank. Even if you have a selling scheduled for an auction in less than a week, our company can still assist you. It is never too late!

In short sales, real estate agents arrange the mortgage lenders to agree with a price lesser than the money that is owed on the particular property. Usually, the lender also forgives the remaining balance of loan as a part of such an arrangement. Hence, sellers do not really need a foreclosure. At the same time, the burdens of unloading a property via a foreclosure goes avoided by the lender.

Essentially, short sales are strategies in real estate that are usually used by people who carry fears that the worth of their property is reducing. Considering the current bubbles in the economy, it cannot really be predicted that when the property value and mortgage rates will begin to improve. In case the outstanding loan is greater than the property value, a short sale may be preferred by a homeowner rather than foreclosures. This is, in particular, suitable in case a homeowner doesn’t plan on staying in a house for a long period of time.

Negotiation for the reduction in a loan balance that is owed on total loan is usually done with lenders. In case the mortgage lender feels that your reasons are valid, then you can sell your property in less than the mortgage that you owe. This can help to avoid both the inconvenience and the embarrassment at the same time. Moreover, it may also help in avoiding the damage on the credit due to a bankruptcy or a foreclosure.

The loan balance is paid off by the money that is obtained through a short sale. However, arranging a sale usually takes some time. Hence, it is important for people opting for short sales to have a reliable real estate expert on their side.

Those who do not want to face the loss of their house or wish to sell the house right away for various reasons have a number of alternative solutions. It is much easier and faster to get rid of property through such solutions as compared to it being taken by a bank. Hence, these solutions primarily involve selling in one way or the other.

In case you simply wait and sit back, the bank may repossess the house. As a result of this, you will not only lose the house but also the credit ratings. This may make it near to impossible or very difficult for you to buy a new home in the near future.

Short sale

A short sale occurs when a lender accepts for a house owner to sell the property for an amount that is lesser than what the seller still owes on that property.

The short sale is an alternative solution to foreclosure and is suitable for those homeowners who cannot afford the mortgage anymore. Apart from that, it can also work for ‘underwater' properties. This means that the worth of the property is lesser than the money that was initially borrowed from the bank.

In most of the cases, a lender will release the buyer from paying a deficiency. The deficiency is the difference between the original amount of mortgage and the short sale price. This means that after a short sale, a seller will walk away free and will not owe anything to the bank. The seller may also receive money for the short sale.

As a homeowner, you may not have to pay any cost to a real estate investor for the negotiation of a short sale.

Fast House Sale

Usually, homes facing foreclosure also get purchased by real estate companies. These short of companies tend to have large advertisements on their marketing statements that often say "we purchase ugly houses', "we purchase property regardless of its location', ‘we purchase short sale', and ‘we purchase houses for cash'. Almost all of such statements are true. This is because the real estate investment companies are usually willing to buy most of the Florida houses.

There is one catch though. It is that a real estate company may not pay you equal to or greater than what a regular individual will pay. In case a person owns very valuable property in good condition, a great profit can be made if the property is sold to a regular person rather than to a real estate corporation. Though, it is quite important to see that in short sales, the paperwork can be a lot. This is something that puts off most of the regular buyers. On the other hand, real estate companies tend to carry a lot of experience with the banks. Hence, they can work around short sales with no hassle.

Lease (rent to own) option

In the lease (rent to own) option, one can simply lease the house to any real estate agency. While the house remains registered under the owner’s name, the owner will not stay on the property. At the same time, he/she will not have enough control over it. At the same time, the company that has leased the property will take responsibility of paying mortgage fully.

Usually, the companies who put up advertisements that say ‘we sell and purchase homes' also tend to handle agreements of the lease. At the same time, they may also make arrangements for equity sharing. In order to find a suitable company, you may have to talk with multiple companies in the line. This will allow you to get the best deal possible. However, you should also note that companies that are willing to buy ugly houses may not arrange the lease necessarily. This is because a lease is usually held by any third party, rather than the company itself.

What are the other alternatives?

In case you can see that making the monthly mortgage payments would not be possible for you, then firstly you should talk to the lenders. See if there is room for negotiation of your loan terms. While many lenders may not be willing to negotiate, some may reduce the payments or extend the payment time as compared to a foreclosure.

It may also be possible to turn the house to the bank while staying as a tenant in the house. Many banks have schemes such as these, which spare a person from eviction because of a foreclosure. While many homeowners may not be able to rent the house back from a bank, some may be able to do this. Hence, this is a suitable option for many people. Moreover, it is also important to ensure a fair rental price. Before settling for such arrangements, the contract should be read very carefully.

Which option is the best?

Those homeowners who cannot afford to make the mortgage payments monthly have a range of available options. It is, however, not possible to say that which option will be the best. This is because it depends on the person and the financial situation of a homeowner.

The homeowners who feel like they will be unable to make a monthly payment should talk with their bank about a negotiation of the mortgage loan. It is unfortunate that many homeowners cannot do this. In case you do not have a job anymore or need money for expensive medical procedures, then you may have to let go of the present house and move to an affordable one.

In case you went through the finances and come to the conclusion that the monthly mortgage payments cannot be made, then it is advised to arrange a short or fast sale as quickly as possible.

Similarly, in case your house is situated in an undesirable location, then you may want to look for a real estate company that ‘buys ugly houses’. Such real estate companies readily buy properties that are situated in a location that is slightly less desirable.

Whether you go for a lease, a short sale, or a real estate company that buys ugly houses, it is important to look into all the possible options first. This is because every option carries its own unique disadvantages and advantages. Apart from a suitable option, you may also need a suitable real estate agency that you can work with.

When you are making such decisions, do not avoid working with any reliable real estate agency or investor. This is because real estate investors can help you out in making arrangements that suit your needs. Apart from that, they can also help you in carrying out the paperwork. Unlike the regular buyers, investors and agencies know exactly how to deal with the lenders and can help you in getting rid of a property that is ‘underwater'.

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