The Feel Good Factor Of Selling Your House "As Is"

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The Feel Good Factor Of Selling Your House "As Is"

There are some people who see buying and selling of homes as just another business; for others, it is a lifestyle and an art. We can use the latter todescribe how the husband and wife team see the home buying and selling business.


Jon and Stacy Bichelmeyer pride themselves in buying properties at incredible speed. They can acquire your property on the date of your choice or you can have everything sorted in three days.


With their company called Archway Homes, the dynamic duo helps sellers with their home selling needs. Their selling process means homeowners don't have to go through the painful and stressful process that comes with traditional selling methods.


They are in the business of buying homes "as is" (that means in any condition). The duo have been in the business for over two decades, and they've offered their services to Kansas City residents. Their goal is to sell a home without any stress on the homeowner.


Becky U. is one of the recent Kansas City residents that have employed the services of Archway Homes.


"Jon and Stacy made the entire process very smooth. The sale went according to plan, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome," said Becky. "They explained the entire process to us and didn't leave anything behind. The process was quick and painless. Apart from the ease, and reward of the process, another thing that we loved working with Jon and Stacy was that disposed of the things we didn't need from the house. I can only recommend Archway to everyone, and I can speak highly enough of them."


Their working process is quite easy. The company has a no-obligation offer process. Homeowners who are interested in using the company will have to call the office first and schedule an appointment. Then either of the husband or wife or both will take a look at the home, and provide an offer within 24 hours. Archway Homes can pay for your home in cash in less than three days.


On the other hand, they can also make payments on a specified date agreed by all parties. This usually comes handy for homeowners who need a delayed closing month ahead. Sometimes homeowners may need time to relocate, or even find or build a new home.


"There was one time we had a client who was waiting for his new home. But several factors meant construction was delayed," said John. "The initial agreement was to close on the home before the end of the year, and then move to their new home in the new year. However, circumstances meant that construction on the new house meant they could only close in January. We made adjustments to the deal and closed on the date they needed. We only took possession when the new building was ready. So this made moving easy for them.


There are times when a property requires repairs. Archway Homes will buy the home and make the appropriate repairs.


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