Have A North Miami Beach House To Sell? We Want To Buy It.

Have A North Miami Beach House To Sell? We Want To Buy It.

Have A House To Sell In North Miami Beach, Florida, We Want To Buy It!

North Miami Beach is filled with many homes that are waiting to be sold. Owning an unwanted house can be burdensome and can cost a lot of money to take care of. If this is you, then the simple solution to your problem is us.

Whether you get the house through inheritance, divorce, foreclosure or whatever the situation may be, we want to buy your North Miami house. If you decide to do this, then you will have the help of a hardworking sincere team with a lot of expertise and experience, which is shown by the countless clients that were taken care of. With us, you will gain professional home buyers with legal and monetary resources to support you. Not only that but we are knowledgeable about the real estate market without being real estate agents.  Forget about the real estate agent, the listing process and waiting for buyers to view and purchase the house. Instead, call and talk to one of our personnel who will able to guide you into getting a cash offer within the next 72 hours. After which, sit back and relax as we take care of the rest.

We have a lot of offer and one of the major ways we help in getting rid of any unwanted property is to buy the property as it is. You heard me. So you don’t have to patch the roof, repair any broken fixtures or even clean the bathroom. We want it in whatever condition it is in now. When we do this, you can save time and concentrate on what’s important, getting money in your hand and enjoying it.

What you will get with us are:

  • Little to no hassle and stress
  • More time since you won’t have to take on this task on your own
  • No commissions or additional fees so that you can enjoy more money in your hands
  • Quick closings within seven days and a cash offer within 72 hours

Since you are now ready to start, what are we looking for in a house to buy?

  • Any residential family home, apartment or even commercial property.

To be specific any residential property with:

  • 2 or more bedrooms
  • 2 or more bathrooms

We will take care of the transformation process to turn a run-down house to the desired house.

Furthermore, we aim to help you to:

  • Avoid the foreclosing of your home. - Mortgages are expensive so to avoid amassing huge debt, you can sell the house to us and we will provide you with the cash to pay off any debts.
  • Cover all of the closing costs - We know that you need to keep the money earned in your pocket. So to make things great for you we will cover all closing costs so that there is more money in your pocket.
  • Fast results - You are a busy person and since we understand that, we aim to close all sales within seven days. Therefore, you will have more time to spend money.

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