Investing in Real Estate

Investing in Real Estate

Investing in Real Estate

One of the oldest but yet reliable forms of investing is real estate. Real estate investments date back to the early days of civilization, and even up till today, it is still a viable form of investment. There are so many benefits tied to real estate and anyone willing to invest in it. It provides diversification benefits, unique cash flow, tax incentives, profitability and so on. To find out more about the importance of Investing in Real Estate - Let's see some of the basics involved with real estate investments.

Real estate investing

Real estate investing entails in all forms of financial activities, operations, and investment, centered on making a substantial income from property. Individuals can make money in real estate in the following ways;

Rent (Cash flow income): This type of investment places emphasis on buying a real estate property like rental houses and office buildings, and operating it to obtain a steady stream of cash from the rent paid.

Real estate appreciation: This type involves a property growing in value either due to certain upgrades like renovations and remodeling, that you put into the property or the general increase in demand of property in that specific area.

Ancillary related income: This acts as an extra source of income for an already established real estate investment. It could include installing laundry facilities in an apartment building or placing vending machines across office buildings. This form of real estate investment, let's you make more money from an already established customer base.

Real estate related income: This is mainly for real estate industrial specialist such as brokers who earn their money from commissions obtained from buying and selling property.

Of all the ways via which money can be made from real estate investing, cash flow from rents still stands as one of the purest and simplest forms in comparison to real estate appreciation.

Ways to start investing in real estate

There different ways for anyone to start investing in real estate. The following areas provide an excellent place to start investing for anyone.

Residential real estate: Housing and apartment building where families and individuals live. Leases are usually done in 12 or 6 months, meaning you can make adjustments to more favorable rates depending on the market conditions.

Commercial real estate: this mainly consists of office buildings. There is both a merit and a demerit to commercial real estate. First, Because of how long the lease is most times, you could get a higher priced lease rates, which means cash flow will come in at a high level even if there is a drop down in price from competitive properties. On the flip side, you can get low rates below market valuation, meaning you will get low returns even when there is an upturn in competitive values

Industrial real estate: Properties such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, assembly plants, storage units, and distribution centers

Retail real estate: Properties such as shopping malls, strip malls, restaurants, shopping centers

Mixed-use real estate: This involves all other types of investment discussed.

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