10 apparent signs that a house will soon go on sale

10 apparent signs that a house will soon go on sale

10 apparent signs that a house will soon go on sale

House hunting can be a frustrating and lengthy process for anyone to embark on. Talk about going through listings only to find out that your dream house is under contract, that can be deflating at best. At such moments, one would wish they have a way knowing when a home will go on sale. If you are house hunting or you will soon start house hunting, there are signs that you can look at to know if a house is going on sale

Unkept yard

One of the telltale signs that a home is vacant is rough hedges and overgrown grass. You can get in touch with one of the neighbors and introduce yourself as a prospective buyer. With luck, one of the neighbors have been asked to look over the house, and they can forward your details to the owners.

Renovation is ongoing

Lots of renovation activities around a house, like fence repairs, full-scale painting, and repairs could mean that home will soon be on the market. The owners could be making repairs in time to put the property in shape for a listing. You can go over and let them know of your intent.

Getting an expired listing

A real estate agent can get this info for you, and it is a free service that most of them will gladly do you since they figure out you will require their services when you want to buy, or when you want to sell. Pay a visit to one of the expired listings and let them know of your intentions. This is common with houses with sell as is clause.

Heads-up from a professional

Renovation contractors are often in the know when homeowners want to sell their house. If you know any, you can ask them to give you a heads up when he/she has such information.

Change in family status

A death in a family or a divorce can be the catalyst of a home sale. You have to tread carefully when bringing up the idea that you are interested in the property. Be extra sensitive and pick the right time

Words on the street

Bars, pubs, local book club, country club, and just about any other place that people gather, there will always be talk and information flying around. Be sure to keep your ears opened, and you might just get to know that your dream house is up for sale. Also, do well to let your acquaintances know that you are in the market for a house.

Moving sale

Moving sales are often a clear indication that a house will soon go on sale. Take yourself out on one of these sales usually held on a Saturday and ask the owners if they intend on selling the house.

For rent sign

Homeowners who have been looking for renters for their property for a long time might just be inclined to sell. Just simply phone such owners and ask them if they will be willing to sell.

It is a previous FSBO

Some Homeowners want to go through the quick route of for-sale-by-owner (FSBO). While this type of way can be successful for a home sale, it can also be unsuccessful, meaning homeowners will have to abandon it. If you notice an FSBO is no longer advertised, it might mean the owner might soon go through the MLS route. Give such owners a call and inquire from them.

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